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Monetize your web games by applying a ads partnership program!

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We offer

One out of two partnership models for you to choose from:

method 1

Games without Y8 API

50% AFC Revenue
Earn 50% of Ads For Content program, from the page where the game appears
No API/SDK needed
The game does not need to have implemented Y8 API
method 2

Games which use Y8 API

50% AFG revenue
Earn 50% of Ads For Games program, from ads which appear inside the game
10% Multiplayer Bonus
Bonus of 10% of Ads For Content program
5% Y8 API Bonus
Bonus of 5% of Ads For Content program, per each Y8 API Feature the game use (online save, online highscore, online screenshot, online achievements, will be equal to 20% bonus)

Add bonus

Regardless which partnership method you choose to use, gives another type of bonus which is available for all!

One month exclusivity

Ads 10% on AFC (for life)

Lifetime exclusivity

Ads 40% on AFC (for life)

What people talk

We would like to share what other people feels and do experience collaborating at Y8.

Julio logo
Julio R. Lunar R.
Tanque Games

I've worked with Y8 on multiple occasions now and it has always been a good experience. I would say that the best part of working with them is the communication, whenever I have a question I always receive a response quickly and they always have a friendly attitude.

Virtua logo
Maicon R Da Silva
Virtua Games

Our partnership with Y8 Games has been great since the beginning, SDK is very easy to integrate, the support team is very efficient and always gives good advice to improve the games before release, definitely a good company to with with!

Studd logo
Sunit George
Studd Games

Had a great experience working with the Y8 revenue share program. The payments were quick and prompt with 100% transparency. I am really glad that my team and I have opted for revenue share with Y8.

Madpuffers logo
Konstantin Matrunchik

We have been working with Y8 since 2015 and together we have released 15 cool games. These days we move our best games to HTML5 and work with a revenue share system. And we are very happy with the good results. We only have good things to say about our work with the Y8 team. Good communication, well documented and easy SDK, very friendly, good income for good games. Hope to carry on working together in the future!

Night steed logo
Toby R.
Night Steed Games

We are very happy with our collaboration with Y8. The communication has been spot on - from initial API implementation, getting the game live to receiving monthly reports on time. We are looking forward to further developing our partnership with Y8 for all our products and would highly recommend them to other studios and developers.

Nikola logo
Nikola Vasic
Poison Games
    I’ve been working with Y8 for around 6 months and it’s awesome. I have moved many of my android games over to WebGL and I used their website to share them. I love the revshare system. The earnings are good. I will keep porting and making new games for Y8.
  • - Very good communication with Y8
  • - SDK is very well made and very easy to implement
  • - Earnings are good ( but it really depends on the quality of games)
Webgameapp logo
Hakan Demir

We have been offering unity Webgl games with Y8 for a long time and it is one of the companies with the highest revenue on the market. We generate more than $2000 per month. The Y8 Team are professionals in their field. We are very pleased and motivated to see that our games are displayed on the dashboard and that people are playing them. We would like to thank Y8 for its high quality and reliable services.

Royales games logo
Abhilash K
Royales Games

I am working with from one and a half years. My games get a lot of exposure & traffic on Y8. It is the most traffic when i compare my games on other websites i work with. is a monster when we talk about traffic Management team of Y8 is very good & they are flexible to developer needs. I appreciate such flexibility & support from their management

Frequently asked questions is one of the oldest gaming portal which still last today. With over a million visitors daily, all over the globe, we are adapting to the popular trends and demands for our beloved playes. Over 10 years ago, the AS2 flash game "Hot Dog Bush" was the best game for making hotdogs and selling them to customers. Today, we are proud to have HTML5 port hit games like "Moto X3M 2" and webgl games like "Slope" which are consistently at the height of the current 3D style technology trend.

If you have a lifetime exclusive Multiplayer game with us, games which work really well and pull in high scores, where progress can be saved to our cloud system, and where the game has an on-trend snapshot feature, a great game will give you a 50% AFG (in-game video ads) and 70% AFC (ads for content) for as long as you want to keep the game exclusively with

We would recommend that you do, so that the developers will have a greater distribution area and a greater chance for maximizing income. However, if the game has already been released on other websites, it is not eligible for the Exclusivity Bonus in our monetization program. Obviously a game cannot have an exclusivity bonus if it has already been released on other websites in the past.

Any type of good games, which do not go against our terms and conditions, and we are also pleased to accept current technology which works as a web game - Html5, WebGL native, Unity WebGL, Flash and so on.

You can find more information and guides about our tools by visiting the website.

Yes, of course! Please feel free to upload your game to any other portal you want, just bear in mind that you will lose the exclusivity bonus if this was already in place.

Yes, of course. Contact us and we will, with regret, disable the game from the partnership program.

We provide payments via wire transfer, or via paypal, upon a pdf invoice presented by the developer. Payments are made monthly, although if necessary, we can release payments weekly. We are working on a developer dashboard where each developer will be able to track and view the performance of their games. The minimum payment for PayPal is $100, and $500 for bank transfers. Payment is released once these minimums have been reached.

Y8 Games reserves the right to reject any game that doesn’t meet the quality filters, that contains copyrighted content or cloned content, or any violent, hate or other forms of offensive content. Ads Partnership Termination means.

Regardless of the type of partnership, a contract must be signed between Y8 (as publisher) and You (as game provider), and you will need to provide a pdf invoice for our accounting systems. Games which have more than 70% similarity with available assets are not eligible for an exclusivity bonus. In the event of the partnership being terminated or a game being removed from the Y8 network, we will provide two months transition time during which the game will still be available for viewing, but will not generate ad revenue share.

Got more question? Let us know!

Become a partner on our journey

Monetize your web games by applying a ads partnership program!