Computer game as a learning environment

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Daniel Schwarz talks on the intersection of technology, art and sciences. At first, he describes his diploma master study called Settlement of humans, where he tried to find poetic visual metaphors for the scientific explanation of the world or even to make a knowledge architecture in 3d to communicate those theories, just like computer simulations or scientific movies. Then he continues to talk about computer games as he tries to explore them as a new medium to teach, as a learning environment later on. As an example he introduces the computer games about physics and geography which help the pupils to get the holistic view of whole earth. Then he talks about the latest project exploring the energy system, which was initiated by the german government itself. As he works closely with the best scientists and energy experts in country, the result is a complex energy simulation in Germany which is scientifically correct masked as a game. However, this game gives young learners a powerment, it gives them the same scientific instruments that the decision makers have and lets them understand the complexity of the system.

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